PCARS Field Day — 2023 June 24th & 25

For the last several years, PCARS has operated ARRL Field Day as an Emergency Operations Center (EOC). In doing so, we utilize the facilities, radios, antennas, & other equipment in our shack, which serves as an emergency communications center in support of the city of Melbourne Fire Department.

Last year in 2022, PCARS was in the process of working on our new trailer. It has just been delivered & it needed some bit of work, to get it complete as a club station again. So, the PCARS BOD elected to hold a traditional Field Day, using temporary equipment, set up out in the field at the Melbourne Fire Department Training Center. It was the 1st time in several years that PCARS actually operated Field Day in the field. The event was well received by club members & other amateurs that came out to operate.

Once again, PCARS will be operating from the “field”, this time from the Melbourne Fire Training Center Smokehouse, a building used by the FD for fire training & can be quickly set up & utilized for emergency communications.

The public is invited to come out to Field Day and observe or learn about ham radio operation, and how we function to support communication during an emergency. Various stations will be set up for different modes of communication. There will also be displays, and even a chance to operate a radio and make contacts with others, under the supervision of an experienced, licensed operator.

PCARS BOD Member Vince Weal K4JC, will be the 2023 PCARS Field Day Chairman.

Below is last years Field Day posting! Stay tuned here & check for updates on this year’s Field Day activities.

The signs are going up!!!!

Field Day is tomorrow! Starting at 2PM & running thru Sunday afternoon at 2PM, W4MLB will be on the air, running as a 4A (Alpha) station this year.  There will be 4 stations on the air, on 40, 20, 15, & 10/80 Meters. There will be a GOTA station, operating as K5LD. Chuck AD4ES & company, have worked hard to get a world class satellite station set up. And Ed W4ERZ, will be manning an FT8 demo thru the weekend on 6 Meters. 

All pre- setup has been staged, starting this afternoon & staying in the guidelines for setup. There are a few things needed before we go on the air tomorrow, the crank up tower needs to be moved & repositioned, the 40 & 80 Meter diploes need to be put up & a FT3 installed for the GOTA station. 

Our Field Day Safety Officer Clyde KD8AN, has checked out the generators & they are ready to go. As mentioned earlier, Clyde is in charge of the generators. He will be monitoring the systems throughout the weekend. Please report any issues to him, do not attempt to fix things yourself. 

Our Hospitality Chair Karen KO4SQF, will have supplies of water & cooling drinks throughout the weekend.  Please stay hydrated!!! The heat will be upon us & let’s be safe. If this was an actually emergency, we would have the same issues.  Also be sure to wear a hat & sunscreen as well. If you are susceptible to the heat, it is advised to come out later in the day or evening.

For those coming to assist with the final setup, we will have hot dog grilling for lunch. In the evening at 6, we will have our traditional Sarno Pizzas delivered. We encourage bringing your families out, to come see what Field Day is about!

For Field Day operations, we have secured permission from the Training Center,  to use the storage shed in the field. The shed will be outfitted with the 40,20,15 & 10 Meter stations. Filtering will be in place. A portable A/C unit, courtesy of a Silent Key, will be installed to cool the shed. The satellite station, GOTA station, FT8 Demo & the Membership/Public Information Center, will be located in the new club trailer.

On the air operating will use  

N1MM for logging, but no rig or CAT control. Since each radio will be dedicated, this will make logging easy. Also, each station can either work CW or SSB.

There is no formal schedule at the moment. We are encouraging members & non-members alike, to come out & if a station is available, jump on! Work as long or as short as you want. We are promoting a good club fun event/activity & giving everyone that wants to operate the chance to get on the air.

Speaking of which, ANY CLASS OF OPERATOR may operate Field Day. There will enough of us on hand as control operators, so don’t let that stop you from getting on the air.

Final staging & setup will begin at 11AM. If you are able & would like to assist, please come out. We discourage anyone that wants to just come hang out & not help. We have enough to do to keep busy!!

For those not aware of our location, PCARS Field Day will be at:

1980 Hughes Road

Melbourne FL 32935

The location is directly across from Krispy Kreme on Wickham. Turn onto Electronics Dr. & it will take you to Hughes Rd.

Hope to see you during the weekend!!

THANKS & 73!