Committee Chairs

CommitteeName – Call
EducationBob Luken –  W3RDL
EmergencyPhil Tso – W7TSO
Field DayVince Weal – K4JC
HospitalityAlex Diamantopoulas – AA2JJ
InterferenceDan Fisher – AI4GK
MembershipBob Creswick – NB4C
MREN (Thursday night net)Chuck Green – AD4ES
NewsletterJim Grebey – N4KCT
Public ServiceDan Fisher – AI4GK
QSL ManagerVince Weal – K4JC
Radio Activity / ContestsRyan Dahlberg – N0OJ
RepeatersClyde Spencer – KD8AN
SKYWARN® / Weather NetRodger Boogren – AK4MI
Social MediaWalter Aucoin, Jr – K5LD
SunshineMark Burke – W9MGB
TechnicalClyde Spencer – KD8AN
TrainingClyde Spenser – KD8AN
Website ContentWalter Aucoin Jr – K5LD
Website SupportDave Self – K8SSN
SKYWARN® is a registered trademark of NOAA’s National Weather Service.

If you are a PCARS member, and are interested in an appointment to an OPEN position, please contact a member of the board.