Mentors & “Elmers”

A mentor is someone who provides guidance and assistance to one who is less knowledgeable or experienced in a particular subject matter. In ham radio circles, a mentor has become commonly referred to as an “Elmer”. PCARS has many members, some with years of experience, and also deep understanding of various aspects of amateur radio.

Whether you are a new ham, or are just beginning the journey to getting your license, there are PCARS members who can help you. Listed below is a number of PCARS members who have volunteered to answer questions and help new hams with different aspects of amateur radio. If a particular volunteer is unable to provide the best assistance, they can help you find the right “Elmer” for your needs.

Some of the available PCARS mentors are listed below in no particular order, along with their specialties. All PCARS mentors are knowledgeable in basic amateur radio, and operating procedures:

Technical, RepeatersDon Winn – AF4Z
Antennas, Go KitsEric Smitt – K9ES
VHF/UHF AntennasPhillip Tso – W7TSO
Contesting, FT8/FT4, RepeatersWalter Aucoin, Jr – K5LD
OperatingBob Creswick – NB4C
CW, DX, Contesting, AntennasDan Gravereaux – N1ZZ
Preparation, Classes, ExamsGary Liljegren – W4GAL
Antennas, TechnicalVince Weal – K4JC
Emergency, WeatherRodger Boogren – AK4MI
Digital, Fusion, DMR, SoftwareDonald Purnhagen – K4ILG
If you are a PCARS members, and want to volunteer as an Elmer, please contact the webmaster.