Any person holding a valid amateur radio license is eligible for membership, and any person having an interest in amateur radio, licensed or not, is eligible for associate membership. At any regular meeting, any eligible person may apply for membership by indicating to the general membership that he or she desires membership in the Club. Upon completion and submission of the membership form, and payment of applicable dues (and arrears, if any), the applicant shall be accepted for membership.

You may reference the club by-laws for additional membership types, and details.

PCARS yearly membership dues are $20. They are pro-rated as follows for new members who join in:

  • Jan-Mar = $20.00
  • Apr-Jun = $15.00
  • Jul-Sep = $10.00
  • Oct-Dec = $25.00 (includes the entire next year)

Family members, licensed or unlicensed, living in the same household as the applicant and desiring PCARS membership pay a total of $10 for all additional family members per year, which is also pro-rated :

  • Jan-Mar = $10.00
  • Apr-Jun = $7.50
  • Jul-Sep = $5.00
  • Oct-Dec = $12.50 (includes the entire next year)


  • New members who attended a PCARS Technician license class and pass the FCC exam and want to join PCARS, please ask your Instructor about a special membership opportunity.
  • Unlicensed members are associate members and do not have club voting privileges.