Radio Frequency Interference Team

PCARS sponsors a group of dedicated and capable volunteers to help locate problems and finding solutions to RFI issues, both to communication systems (inadvertent or stray signals, jamming) and from communication systems (traditionally called TVI.) Direction finding techniques are shared, and fox-hunting activities can be coordinated and announced. The group has a repository of problems encountered and solutions found; along with discussing best practices and important contact information for power providers and regulatory agencies. We coordinate efforts with the ARRL when needed to alleviate interference issues.

Some of the RFI Team’s activities include:

  • Perfecting and practicing direction finding techniques
  • Hidden transmitter fox hunts
  • Investigating complaints of RFI and locating sources
  • Helping to reduce the effects of RFI
  • Monthly meetings
Noise on a spectrum analyzer.


There are two forms available for reporting interference. One is for RFI affecting a fixed amateur radio station location, the other is for reporting interference affecting a mobile, or vehicle mounted, installation.


For more information, or to contact members of the team, you can check out their group page online.