ARRL Kids Day — June 19 2021

Twice each year, the ARRL encourages local amateur radio clubs, and individual operators, to host Kids Day events. The ARRL has designated Kids Day to be the first Saturday in January, and the third Saturday in June each year. It is a chance for the younger generations to check out amateur radio, get on the air, and communicate with other kids.

Contacts can be made around the county using the VHF/UHF bands, or across the country or even the world using the HF bands. When hams are making contacts during organized event, they often have what is called an “exchange”. The exchange for Kids Day contacts is very simple, the kids will exchange their name, age, general location, and favorite color. There will be experienced operators present to coach and help the kids on the radio.

Besides making voice contacts with other kids or hams, the kids can learn about radio equipment, and even the science behind it all. It could spark an interest, and fits right into the STEM curriculum that kids really need.

Kids Day at the PCARS station will start at 2:00 PM (14:00 to hams). Many kids will also be operating from personal amateur station locations across the country. The contacts will continue until 8:00 PM, the PCARS station will close by 5:00 PM unless we have visitors.

The PCARS station will be located at the city of Melbourne Fire Department Training Center, located at 1900 Hughes Rd, Melbourne, Florida .