PCARS Emblem   PCARS Melbourne Area Repeaters

W4MLBHolmes Regional Medical Center, Melbourne ~200 ft.
Downlink Frequency146.610 Mhz
Uplink Frequency146.010 Mhz (Offset -0.600 Mhz)
Uplink Tone (CTCSS)*None
Optional Downlink Tone*107.2 Hz
Coordinates28.0874342°, -080.6143731° (Grid EL98QC60)
W4MLBL3Harris Communications Tower, Palm Bay ~300 ft.
Downlink Frequency146.850 Mhz
Uplink Frequency146.250 Mhz (Offset -0.600 Mhz)
Uplink Tone (CTCSS)*None
Optional Downlink Tone*107.2 Hz
Coordinates28.0142778°, -080.6036944° (Grid EL98QA73)
W4MLB100 Rialto Place Office Building, Melbourne ~200 ft.
Downlink Frequency444.425 Mhz
Uplink Frequency449.425 Mhz (Offset +5.000 Mhz)
Uplink Tone (CTCSS)*None
Optional Downlink Tone*None
Coordinates28.0900697°, -080.6251468° (Grid EL98QC41)

* A note regarding tones and our repeaters:

Use of CTCSS tones is totally optional. Our repeaters can be accessed by ANY FM transmitter even if the CTCSS tone is turned off or doesn’t exist on your radio. Tone is not required. The transmission of a tone by the user has no effect on our repeaters. If you do turn on tone, use 107.2 Hz. It will only have functionality with your receiver. If a signal comes from one of our repeaters (146.610 or 146.850) and you have tone of 107.2 Hz turned on, you will hear our repeater transmissions only. If the signal did not come from our repeater you will hear nothing if your squelch is set properly. If you leave your radio’s tone feature off our repeaters will function just as they always have. In simple terms, turning tone on is optional and its use prevents you from receiving unwanted transmissions that are on our repeater frequencies but not coming from our repeater.