Amateur Radio and Commercial License Testing

----Testing Location----

Melbourne Public Library

540 East Fee Ave, Melbourne, FL 32901

One street south of the Melbourne Auditorium

Amateur license testing is conducted Bi-Monthly by the Platinum Coast Amateur Radio Society (PCARS)


Pre-registration by email for all tests is required (No walk-ins) 


To Pre-register, send an email to Judy Gardner




Your email must include your full name, mailing address, and the titles of the test(s) you will be taking.

You will receive a confirmation and a new Form 605 that you must
fill out and bring with you to the test session.

Melbourne , FL Test Sessions for 2019

2019 Test Dates

Feb 9th 2019

  April 13th, 2019  

  June 8th, 2019  


                                  Oct 12th, 2019  (Melbourne Hamfest)

Dec 14th, 2019


Please arrive between 9:15 AM and 9:30AM for both the ARRL Amateur and W5YI Commercial License sessions.

You must arrive no later than 9:30 am to check in

Amateur License Test Fees

The testing fee for Amateur tests is $15.00. This fee covers all Amateur tests as long as the candidate successfully passes the preceding element. If an element is failed an additional fee will be required for retakes.


                               Important !!

You "must" bring the following in order to get credit for a test.

- A photocopy of your current license (if already licensed).

- A copy of your CSCEs if you have one issued within the last 365 days.

- $15.00 CASH ONLY

- Photo-Copy of two forms of ID, one must be a picture ID if age 16 or older

- You will need to know your Social Security number or FRN.

- A completed copy of the "new" FCC FORM 605 that will be emailed to you.

                                           Commercial License Test Fees

Fees for the Commercial elements are $50.00 for the first 2 elements and $25.00 for each additional element.