Narrow Band Emergency Messaging System


If you are interested in the Narrow Band Emergency Messaging System, below are links provided by the Palm Beach Emergency Messaging Association that will show you to how to download all the FREE programs.  To use the BASIC NBEMS system you only need a VHF Transceiver and a Computer, no TNC and no special cables. In the future, PCARS is planning to host a meeting devoted to helping local hams setup, test and show how to use Basic NBEMS.


The free programs including instructions and troubleshooting help can be found here:




 If you have a problem installing or using BASIC NBEMS, contact Dave, Walter or Don and they will be glad to try and assist you in getting your system working.







If you are looking for the fldigi and flmsg programs, you can download them from :


The Soundcard Calibration Program, be sure to run this program on your computer to see if your sound card needs calibrating:.


If you want to test your NBEMS Setup, you should be able to click on any of the following programs and decode the message with your computer. Be sure to have both flmsg and fldigi running


Test File (MP3) : MT63-2000L  Gettyburg Address

Test File (WAV)  MT63-2000L Gettyburg Address

Test File (WAV)  MT63-2000L  ARRL Message Form